• Replacing a bridge plate…

    Here we have a 60s Gibson that is in need of a new bridge plate.  The bridge pin holes were originally drilled too close to the edge.  Best solution is to replace it.  I like to use a small heating pad to soften the glue joint to help remove it from the inside of the top.  I’ll do this through the sound hole.  Next the bridge will be installed using hide glue.

  • Part 1…. Martin HD-28 Neck Reset

    Due to a high string action and very little saddle left this 1980s Martin was in need of a neck reset.  After taking the appropriate measurements with the guitar tuned to pitch (neck relief, top rise, and angle) it’s time to start the plan of action. First the tongue (the section of the fingerboard that is over the body) needs to be loosened from the top. To do this, I like to use a heat blanket to warm the tongue and soften the glue joint.  Using a thin spatula to separate the joint.  Making READ MORE

  • Part 2… Martin HD-28 Neck Reset

    Once the neck has been removed it is time to recut the heel to restore the neck angle.  Starting with a very sharp chisel, the correct  amount of wood is removed and the angle will be checked frequently as the work is done.  The final fit is achieved using sand paper to insure a perfect mate of the heel to the body of the guitar. Once the neck angle is correct it is time to tighten up the dovetail joint.  For this, Mahogany shims will be used.  In this case the shims are glued READ MORE