This is the process of taking a neck off an acoustic guitar.  In the case of this 1964 Martin the neck angle needed to be corrected. The first thing to do is to release the glue joint of the fingerboard that rests on the body of the guitar.

I use a “crack knife” to help loosen the joint.

On this guitar (Martin) I know that it is a French dovetail joint that holds the neck. Once the Fingerboard is loose from the body, I then remove the fret above the dovetail joint.  I then drill a small hole in the fret slot being careful to not hit the T rod in the neck and to drill into the glue joint.

Using a special jig helps to remove the neck. The jig applies pressure on the heel while I steam the neck joint.  The steam will loosen the glue joint.  I have to be careful not to introduce too much moisture into the cavity because I do not want any other glue seams to open.

Here you can see what the joint looks like with the neck removed.  I was happy to see that this neck was glued on with hide glue and you can also see the shims that were put in to tighten the joint.