Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Repairing Rickenbacker Truss Rods


The truss rod threads on this Rickenbacker bass have been stripped.  Most likely due to adjusting these rods without clamping the neck into position before making the proper adjustments needed.  The design of the rods are great because they can be removed from the neck without removing the fingerboard.  First, the bolts are removed from the rods and they are pulled out from the headstock. Once the rods are out of the neck it’s time to READ MORE

Repairing a previously repaired headstock…


Sometimes a well-meaning repair just doesn’t work.  In this case the headstock was previously repaired by gluing first, then dowels were installed in an attempt to strengthen the joint.  I have never been a fan of this type of repair, so I decided to make a back-of-the-peg-head overlay to fix the problem.

Replacing a bridge plate…

Here we have a 60s Gibson that is in need of a new bridge plate.  The bridge pin holes were originally drilled too close to the edge.  Best solution is to replace it.  I like to use a small heating pad to soften the glue joint to help remove it from the inside of the top.  I’ll do this through the sound hole.  Next the bridge will be installed using hide glue.