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Part 2… Martin HD-28 Neck Reset

Once the neck has been removed it is time to recut the heel to restore the neck angle.  Starting with a very sharp chisel, the correct  amount of wood is removed and the angle will be checked frequently as the work is done.  The final fit is achieved using sand paper to insure a perfect mate of the heel to the body of the guitar.

Once the neck angle is correct it is time to tighten up the dovetail joint.  For this, Mahogany shims will be used.  In this case the shims are glued to both sides of the dovetail. After the shims are installed and the glue has had adequate time to dry, the dovetail will be re-fitted to the cavity.  Working slowly with files and chisels, the dovetail joint is cut until we have a nice pressed fit.

I always like to “dry clamp” first.  That’s clamping without glueing to ensure everything is lined up, and all clamps, glue, water and rags are ready to go.  There will be little time for clamping since my glue of choice is hot hide glue.  This is my favorite glue for most repair work (I will save that for another post).  Once I am happy with my fit and clamp configuration, it is time to apply the glue.  When the glue dries, I can plug the hole that was drilled in the fret slot, install the 15th fret, make a new bone saddle and do the final set-up.  The guitar will play great once again.

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