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Repairing Rickenbacker Truss Rods

The truss rod threads on this Rickenbacker bass have been stripped.  Most likely due to adjusting these rods without clamping the neck into position before making the proper adjustments needed.  The design of the rods are great because they can be removed from the neck without removing the fingerboard.  First, the bolts are removed from the rods and they are pulled out from the headstock.

Once the rods are out of the neck it’s time to cut the stripped portion of the threads off of the rod.  This makes the rod about a half inch shorter.  This small amount will not affect the way the rod adjusts the neck.  Next, I will clean up the end of the rod with a file.

Using the correct die, new threads are cut to fit the bolts.

Once this is done, the rods are slid back into the neck and the washers and bolts are installed.  The neck should now be clamped into position before adjusting the rods.  It’s a great way to restore the original truss rods in these vintage Rickenbackers.

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